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The art of measurement through photography Photographs have always conveyed enthralling stories. From Wright brothers being photographed while they flew their first plane to Neil Armstrong being photographed on the moon to the breathtaking photograph of India taken by NASA on Diwali last year, these moments are immortalised in time.   There is more to …

3 Tips to Shoot Beautiful Stock Photos of Indian Spices

Spices are a gateway to a country’s culinary history and trends. They form a very visual subject for most food and stock photographers. The vibrant colours and diverse textures of spices make them very interesting to photograph and provides a photographer with an opportunity to be very creative. If you are planning to shoot stunning stock photos of Indian spices, here are some useful tips.

JOHN ISAAC: Journey as a UN Photographer

From documenting the plight of refugees and the war atrocities in Rwanda and Bosnia to being Michael Jackson’s official photographer, John Isaac has a decorated career in photography. Here is a short interview that we, at PhotoConcierge did with John Isaac, about his journey as a UN photographer, his upcoming project on the tigers of India and his insights on the ethics of wildlife photography.